Welcome to CR Conferences, where you can access multiple Celebrate Recovery events specifically for running your own CR in your church and community.

On this page, you will find links to the CR 7 Keys Training Conference, a comprehensive online experience that equips you with practical tools and foundational knowledge, the CR In-Person Training Conferences, which provide advanced training and face-to-face connections with the national and global team of Celebrate Recovery, and to Celebration Place and The Landing, training programs that focus on CR's Family Ministries, helping you to launch, strengthen, and run children's and student ministries.

Simply select any of the events listed below to learn more about them, and for information on attending them. We are looking forward to have you join us to bring deeper healing to our families and communities.

Establish your foundation through the 7-keys online Celebrate Recovery Training Conference.

This is an essential training for current and future leaders looking to start and run an effective Celebrate Recovery.

With this training you will walk away with the tools needed to run this life changing ministry for your church and community.

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Celebration Place + The Landing are training programs that focus on CR's Family Ministries, helping you to reach and support children and students in your church community.

Through this training, you'll learn how to launch, strengthen, and run CR's children's and student ministries.

This program will lay the foundation for your Celebrate Recovery to serve all ages, bringing deeper healing to our families and communities.

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Build on your foundation through Advanced Training at the in-person Celebrate Recovery training Conference.

This is an ALL NEW Extensive Training for your core leaders looking to build on their skills and development.

With this practical and focused training your team will be equipped with next level content to help your team and ministry grow and develop.

Invest in your leaders to help build confidence and sustainability.

For the first time in years, we will be hosting the Celebrate Recovery 2023 Summit at Saddleback Church, CA.

Come join us in the home of Celebrate Recovery, and let's make this event a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget.

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